Prioritize Practice

Empowering you to elevate yourself

Prioritize Practice

Empowering You to Elevate Yourself

For a long time, it felt as though health and wellness only arose from the physical body. All that seemed necessary was a proper diet and enough repetitive movement to tax the heart and lungs enough for health to simply fall into place. After enough years of this to lock into a particular way of moving and thinking, Yoga was introduced into my life and I came to realize the potential that comes with releasing repeated patterns and how liberating and health promoting that could be as well. This led to Massage Therapy wherein the teachings led to a drastic change in how life was approached. New systems beyond the musculature and the mind were introduced. The intricacies of these systems are diverse, ever-changing and person specific. A bit of mindfullness and comprehension can go a long way in finding balance within all this complexity. Let's deepen our understanding together. - Christopher Iafrati








  • Bachelor's in Exercise Science and Psychology (B.S., B.A.)